Build your cities on the slope of Vesuvio!

Send your ships into unexplored seas! Live in war with your equals and with yourselves! Be robbers and spoilers, you knowing ones, as long as you cannot be rulers and possessors!

The time will soon pass when you can be satisfied to live like timorous deer concealed in the forests. Knowledge will finally stretch out her hand for that which belongs to her: she means to rule and possess, and you with her!
- Friedrich Nietzsche

Technical Co-Founders.




Vesuvio Labs

Full Stack Insurance, Loan Origination Platforms, Customer Service Portals

We are experts in building financial services platforms. We work very closely with our partners as an integrated part of their business. If you are thinking of launching an insurance business or building a loan origination platform, we would be the perfect technology partner for you.

For Founders

We work with entrepreneurs in Insurance, Banking
We can become your technical co-founder and/or tech partner, providing not only a stepping stone by way of a technology platform with a large number of capabilities and configurable modules and a software development team that can scale, but also help with auxiliary services such as connecting you to the right tax and legal advice, helping you prepare and pitch for funding and connecting you to the Fintech ecosystem.

Portfolio Companies

These are companies we have co-founded, provide software and infrastructure services to and hold significant equity in.
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Financial Comparison Helping Canadians search, compare and apply for lending products online

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Full Stack InsuranceProviding Smart Home Insurance to consumers and a delegated authority platform for brokers.

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The sharing economyWe are working on a new venture that will revolutionise the distribution of insurance for the sharing economy.

For Corporate Partners

If you are a corporate looking to

explore and develop a proof of concept, gain a new perspective on a legacy problem

We would love to help.

Do you feel inhibited by expensive and inflexible legacy systems, believing that a prohibitively expensive complete core systems replacement is the only solution? Many companies feel this and find themselves maintaining what they have, fearing that future market share belongs to newer entrants. With Vesuvio development costs are relatively low and we will provide you with a leading edge customer service platform to create experiences for your customers that count.


Managed from Canary Wharf in London, we also have people that can engage with you in Toronto and Copenhagen. And of course if you want check out the dev centre and maybe climb Mount Everest we would also be happy to see you in Nepal.

We are doers.. we build capabilities that can be orchestrated into great solutions. Our overall design assumption is that you are wrong. That you will change your mind. So its not only about delivering the requirements you articulate today but enabling the changes you will request tomorrow.

And, yes, we do know about regulation and compliance. We might not shout about it but we have all worked in Financial Services as consultants and executives

Vesuvio Leadership

Having spent many years as senior executives and consultants specialising in financial services we have established a company that offers the agility of a small business blended with the robustness and business continuity of a larger corporation. We use that as our means to deliver business centric software solutions that frankly we were unable to find, easily, as executive practitioners.

Kristian Feldborg, Founder/Director 15 years developing systems for origination, trading, servicing and securitisation, 5 years with emphasis on core retail banking infrastructure.

Claus Meldgaard Rasmussen, Investor/Director Claus is CEO of Codehouse Ltd ( ), a leading software development company with many blue chip clients.

Scott Richardson, Head of Advanced Technology Scott spent the first 7 years of his career developing industrial robots. After that he has worked as a KPMG consultant and co-founded a consultancy which became a preferred partner for IBM BI solutions.

Kishan Sharma, Development Manager, Kathmandu More than 12 years of experience as Developer, Technical Lead, and Full Stack Technical Architech.

Nilay Lad, Director - US & Canada Nilay Lad holds 14+ years of experience in developing and delivering strategies to grow and digitize banks through proposition development and improving customer experience. Nilay is CEO of, a Vesuvio portfolio company.

Graham Ripley, Advisor Graham was C&G’s Assistant General Manager, Mortgage Services and spent 20 years in C&G as resident insurance expert. Graham has also worked for the Office of the Financial Ombudsman Service and is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute.

Roger Malvern, Advisor Roger has 40 years’ experience, including 10 years as Executive Director (Mortgages) and was a member of Lloyds TSB Group’s Top 40 Executive Team. Roger was a Board member of The Mortgage Code Compliance Board and a Board Advisor to Barclays Homeloans. Roger is a Fellow of the Institute of Credit Management.